The Worst Star Wars Tattoo Fails In The Universe

The Skywalker saga may have ended with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, but its legacy will live on… No, not just on The Mandalorian, but in the form of tattoos, of course! But even though fans have the best intentions when they adorn their bodies, they sometimes get the worst Star Wars Tattoos ever.

The internet is no stranger to tattoo fails, whether the failure was intended or came by accident. Misspellings, lopsided portraits, discoloration — the opportunities are endless. Check out some of our favorite Star Wars Tattoo fails below. Starting with…

This is on the more tame side of the spectrum of Star Wars tattoo fails, but still offputting nonetheless. Maybe it’s the lack of uniform linework, the floating “Wars” or the missed opportunity to get the signature Star Wars logo inked instead. 

Chewbacca — A Star in Many Star Wars Tattoo Fails

We aren’t quite sure if that’s an Italian or Mexican flag behind Chewbacca, but we just want to know why this individual decided to combine the two in one tattoo. 

If you thought one portrait of Chewbacca was enough for a tattoo fail, you’re wrong. Chewbacca will never be lonely in this tattoo when he has a whole family by his side. (And, yes, he has a family. Didn’t you watch the Star Wars Christmas Special?)

Boba Fett has definitely seen better days. 

The Alliance Starbird — a Focal Point For the Bleak

We aren’t sure if this person meant to simultaneously claim allegiance to the Rebel Alliance and their standing as a Jedi, or if they just thought that they were the same thing.

 The Alliance Starbird, also known as the Phoenix, is seen in the above tattoo. It’s similarity to a rising phoenix symbolizes the Alliance’s goal for the Galactic Republic to rise again.

If you have trypophobia – the fear of holes – this tattoo alone will give you the heebie-jeebies. 

There’s just something so painful-looking about this tattoo. The destruction of the Death Star is often celebrated, but there’s something holding us back on this tattoo.

There is no doubt about this individual’s allegiance to Princess Leia and the rebellion. 

The Rebel Alliance is supposed to offer us hope, but these Star Wars tattoo fails are just leaving us in despair. Keep clicking for more!