Vintage Parenting Ads That’ll Make You Cringe

It’s no secret that the task of parenting is a difficult one and finding good parenting advice can be hard. If these vintage parenting ads were anything to go by, it was even harder back in the day.

Whether you are a first-timer or looking to have your third child, you might just find yourself searching for helpful parenting advice. Luckily, the internet makes it easier to search up real parenting advice with credibility. A simple Google search can connect you to experts and research studies.

However, these vintage parenting ads, which were more about selling products than saving children or making mom’s lives easier, didn’t give the best advice. Way before the digital age, parents had fewer tools to use in their parenting endeavors and a lot of it was confusing, based on wives’ tales and misinformation. These ads certainly didn’t help.

Keep reading to see some of the strange — and just plain wrong — parenting advice in these vintage parenting ads.

1. Smoking Is Good for the Baby!

Smoking during pregnancy is highly discouraged now, but there was smoking ads solely targeting pregnant women in the old days. It was said to be perfectly safe for the mother and the baby, can you believe it?

2. Beer Is Beneficial, Too!

If smoking cigarettes sounded bad, what about drinking alcohol? This malt beer company claimed to be nourishing for new mothers and their babies.

3. Stress = Poisonous Breast Milk

Postpartum depression is now well-covered in the media, and it’s no secret how stressed-out moms can get depressed while caring for their newborns. Sadly, that wasn’t always the case. Old advice warned mothers against being anxious or stressed because it would make their breast milk poisonous — which could just make moms even more anxious.

4. A Tight Corset Is Perfect for Pregnancy

For many parents, it’s never too early to look for parenting advice. This maternity corset is enough to have any modern parent wishing no one had looked in the first place.