These Underwater Lakes and Rivers Will Blow Your Mind

Photo: YouTube

Lots of cool things can be found underwater — temples, nightclubs, shipwrecks. But what about other bodies of water? That’s right. All over the world you can find underwater lakes and rivers that somehow run beneath another watery surface. While they may be cool to look at, they’re definitely not the safest places to go for a swim.

We cover some of the most amazing underwater lakes and rivers on the planet, and why each of them are able to exist. Check them out. 

Monterey Canyon Undersea River

Photo: YouTube

The Monterey Canyon undersea river is massive, considering it created the world’s largest and deepest canyon on the Pacific Coast. This underwater river, located in the depths of Monterey Bay, California, is thought to be as large as — or even larger than — the great Colorado River that created the Grand Canyon.

Photo: Alexander Demyanenko, Shutterstock

You can’t find this river on any maps of Monterey Bay (pictured above) because it runs two miles deep (3.2 kilometers) beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean. In fact, this river wasn’t even discovered until the 1980s. Scientists happened upon its existence after mapping the seafloor with sonar technology.