PHOTOS: Divers Discover an Abandoned Underwater Nightclub… and Go Inside

Photo: YouTube

The best clubs are those that provide an exciting place to escape from reality. And there’s no greater escape than what you’ll find in the photos of this abandoned underwater nightclub in Israel’s southernmost city of Eilat.

Nightclubs can be judged in terms of its dancers, drink deals, music, service, the exciting vibe, the size, and the mood of the people going there. Owners will try absolutely everything to get you to step through the front door (preferably with a wallet full of cash). Some even provide special appearances by celebrities and personalities in an effort to bring home the bacon. Other establishments, however, entice patrons with a unique atmosphere.

Which brings us to this abandoned underwater nightclub in Eilat, Israel which is a major tourist destination. It’s located underwater, and its photos, history, and current state will get your imagination going.

Photo: YouTube

The story came to light thanks to Gil Koplovitz, a marine biologist, who was working in the area one day. He told Huffington Post in an email that he found the location while on his dive, swam up to the windows to see what he found, and then took photos of his surprising discovery.

But this wasn’t just an ordinary nightclub. If you look to the left of the image above you’ll see a strip pole… for dancers… of the adult variety.