Funny Animals Taking Better Selfies Than Humans

Move over influencers of Instagram, these funny animals taking their own selfies are on the way to internet fame. From your average house cat to wild monkeys, these animals have stepped up to the camera, producing some heartwarming and crazy results. 

Quokka (above and below)

This Australian animal has gone viral on social media time and time again for their affinity for taking selfies. These animals are indigenous to an island lacking natural predators so they don’t run from or attack  humans. Thus, their selfie-loving nature was born. 

Always Camera-Ready 

Seriously, if you needed any more proof as to quokkas being the most camera-ready animals out there, take this selfie as proof. Not only are they perfectly displaying what seems to be joy, but they’re also staring straight at the camera. 

What else can you want from an animal selfie?

Who said cats and dogs can’t get along? This mismatched crew of house pets look like they’re taking a break from patrolling their neighborhood’s streets for any wrongdoings. 

Sadly for this smiling dog, his spotlight has been stolen by the incident behind him. It’s almost as if you can sense the utter fear radiating off the little dog getting sniffed out. 

Sometimes you just want to stop and take a photo of your surroundings to properly document your experience. This pup seems to have wanted the same thing. 

Curiosity Got the Big Cats 

This selfie is probably the closest any of us will likely get to staring lions dead in the eye, or at least we hope. Whether this was taken shortly before the lions pounced as predators onto the camera or just checked it out for curiosity’s sake, this selfie’s one to remember. 

Lions Are Kings of Selfies 

Household cats aren’t the only felines to be experts at selfies, as seen above. This big cat has it all: The paw steadying the camera, the stare straight into the camera and even the friend to pose with in the background. 

Silly Rabbit 

Bugs Bunny has nothing on this rabbit and their selfie-taking abilities. From the perfect head tilt to the tongue sticking out, this rabbit seems to know exactly what it takes to get the clicks. 

Endearing Emus 

Have you ever seen anything cuter than an emu smiling straight into the camera? We haven’t either. From the little head tilt to his pal perfectly beside him in the frame, this photo is one to be adored. 

Aflac Duck Stepping Up

This may not be the duck representing American insurance compant Aflac since 1999, but it does look to be the same American Pekin duck known for quacking Aflac’s name in commercials broadcasted across the country. 

Not seen: The duck proceeding to aggressively peck at the unsuspecting camera, probably. 

There are few selfies that leave you feeling terrified, but this photo may very well be one of them. What has this rooster looking so angrily into the camera lens? We may never know, thankfully. 

Messy Hair, No One Cares 

Pieces of hay never stopped an alpaca from taking a good selfie with their pals. 

Monkey Says, Monkey Goes 

Of the funny animals taking selfies, this is one setwhere we would really love to hear the story behind it.

  • Who gave the monkey the camera?
  • How did he get that skilled at getting the right angle?
  • What’s got him cheesing so hard? 

It’s a marked difference from this photo of a gorilla, below.

Needless to say, this big guy has a ways to go before he can call himself a selfie expert. But we have faith. 

The story goes that the Buffalo Zoo handed their gorillas a GoPro camera to celebrate National Selfie Day, and photos like this one above were created.