Disgusting Vintage Recipes Our Moms Used to Make

disgusting vintage recipes

Many often say it doesn’t get better than some home-cooking… but that isn’t always the case when it comes to these disgusting vintage recipes.

While everyone has had their fair share of cooking blunders through the years, from undercooking chicken to burning the casserole, this is different. These vintage recipes are much more than your typical recipe misstep — they were made with the intention of being eaten, even considered a delicacy to impress the husband’s boss when he came over for supper.

Often created to sell a product, follow a food fad, or as a matter of easily preparing a meal or main course that seemed impressive, these disgusting vintage recipes should stay buried in the kitchen.

Simple Supper Mould

Before the days of Instant Pot, there were molds. While you would think they would make for easy cakes or jello desserts, they were the staple of many savory meals. Just like this one, which included chicken breast, onion, bacon, carrot, peas and celery, all perfectly encased in gelatine. 

“Sandwich Spred” Salad 

Can’t decide between having a sandwich or a salad? This recipe has you covered. 

Salads will never be boring again with the nice addition of “lively” Sandwich Spred. (No, that’s not a typo on “spred”.) One can only wonder what “unique combination of spices” mixed in with mayo and relish would taste like.