Celebrate Star Wars — Coolest Star Wars Tattoos Ever

This week features Star Wars Day, May the 4th, and there’s a lot to celebrate. Disney launched a teaser video for their new working lightsaber, Disney+ is launching The Bad Batch, and Baby Yoda is still the stunning surprise hit of The Mandalorian. Fans are freaking out, and to see how some celebrate you have to look no further than checking out the coolest Star Wars tattoos.

We did some digging on Instagram and tattoo sites to find some really awesome ink featuring what we think are some of the coolest Star Wars tattoos right now. We found some of the worst Star Wars tattoo fails also, but that’s another story. Check out our favorites below.

Top Star Wars Tattoos — Baby Yoda Edition

Lots of great illustration for this little guy. The fans have spoken!

As the artist wrote on Instagram: 

I had a lot of fun with this tattoo.

The face was slightly referenced by a drawing from another artist. The rest is original. #babyyoda#babyyodatattoo#disneyplus#themandalorian#thanksforlooking#starwarsjedifallenorder#starwarsgalaxysedge

Cute Illustration, It Is.

Angry Baby Yoda

There’s online debate about how much The child looks like Gizmo from the movie Gremlins. In this tattoo, that could certainly be the case.

What Do You Think?

Coincidence, or…?

Anyway, back to the tattoos.