Astonishing Underwater Sites Around the World

Photo: Youtube

It could be the moody blue hues of the ocean water, or it could be the way fish and plant life move so gently on the sea currents, but there’s something about the ocean that lends it a beautiful dream-like quality. That goes double for the sites we’re about to talk about today. 

Some of these underwater locations are ruins of ancient civilizations, windows into a time long gone. Others speak to more recent stories; tales of war, hardship and humanity. One thing is for certain: visitors to these submerged locations will never be able to forget what they’ve seen. 

Let’s check out some of the most hauntingly beautiful underwater sites the world over.

Temple of Mahabalipuram, India

Photo: YouTube

The Indian city of Mamallapuram, formerly known as Mahabalipuram, has long been rumored to be the site of seven temples. It stands above ground and the other six are now submerged underwater. While debate has raged for years about how true the myths are, divers recently discovered evidence of at least one submerged temple at the site.